Master data is the name given to the data that a company needs in order to identify and describe its customers and its suppliers as well as the products and services that it buys or sells.

Quality Master Data is an important corporate asset that needs to be maintained.

Mundusdata (clean data) provides a secure standard based cloud application that is used to obtain and validate master data.

The Mundusdata application manages the corporate dictionary and templates needed to create data requirement specifications that are used to send trading partners email requests to validate master data.

The Mundusdata application is ISO 8000-120 compliant, it tracks provenance and creates consistent high-quality descriptions of any length for existing electronic catalogs, master data management, inventory management, maintenance planning or procurement applications.

The Mundusdata application is non disruptive, there is no local application to install; the application generates standardized requests for the specific technical data needed to build or validate a master data record. The requests are sent and the replies are received by email. The application then stores and uses the data received to create standardized descriptions that are copied and pasted into existing applications or integrated with existing applications using a standard ISO 22745 xml exchange.

Company Overview

Mundusdata Inc. was formed to assist companies in obtaining quality master data from their trading partners, as well as, to send their trading partners quality master data. Proactively managing an effective supply chain for master data increases the accuracy and the speed with which master data content can be obtained, validated and delivered.

Mundusdata Inc. leverages the existing business-to-business (B2B) supply chain and existing email technology to facilitate the exchange of master data.

ISO 8000

ISO 8000 is the international standard for data quality. ISO 8000 is published as a series of documents called "parts". Parts 100 to 140 address master data quality. Part 110 (ISO 8000-110) is fundamental to achieving data quality. Since ISO 9000 defines "quality" as the "degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements", it follows that quality data is data that meets the user's requirements. Part 110 mandates that the user's data requirements be specified explicitly, in computer-readable form. By complying with Part 110, an organization can ensure that its data meets the user's stated requirements and is portable. Part 120 is an optional extension of Part 110 that specifies requirements for recording and tracking the provenance (history) of data. The Mundusdata application is fully compliant with ISO 8000 Parts 110 and 120.

ISO 22745

While ISO 8000 says what needs to be done to achieve data quality, ISO 22745 provides detailed instructions, procedures, data formats, and application programming interface (API) specifications to enable organizations to easily implement ISO 8000. ISO 22745 gives standard, vendor-neutral data formats for storing and exchanging dictionaries, master data, data requirements, description generation rules, and other data required as part of the master data management and governance process. ISO 22745 enables interoperability across software packages and vendors, and facilitates long term data archiving. The Mundusdata application is fully compliant with all applicable provisions of ISO 22745.